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ZS announces launch of ZAIDYN™ Connected Health

Oct. 2, 2023 | Press Release | 2-minute read

ZS’s AI-powered platform now empowers teams to deliver a connected patient experience with individual need-based interventions and support.


Evanston, Ill. – October 3, 2023 – ZS, a global management consulting and technology firm, announced today the launch of the AI-powered ZAIDYN™ Connected Health solution, part of the ZAIDYN by ZS platform. ZAIDYN Connected Health helps pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers and payers innovate so they can understand unmet needs, better engage with patients and improve health outcomes. In an evolving healthcare ecosystem, it’s vital for these entities to have intelligence they can trust.


ZAIDYN Connected Health includes three product suites:


Health Insights helps healthcare stakeholders identify treatment care gaps and unmet needs for therapies at multiple population levels. It then delivers actions and personalized messages for physicians, manufacturers, patients and caregivers. Using AI, it enables healthcare stakeholders to collaboratively improve access to care, optimize treatment paths and deliver timely, data-informed interventions.


Suzanne Sullivan, director of commercial analytics at Phathom Pharmaceuticals, said ZAIDYN Connected Health played a key role in the company’s product launch.


“As we prepared for a product launch, we needed help identifying opinion leaders in certain spaces, not only nationally but locally. ZS helped us mobilize quickly with a solution that’s part of ZAIDYN Connected Health that was easy to integrate with our existing systems,” Sullivan said. “Because of their expertise in the healthcare domain, ZS quickly understood our problem and was able to present a solution.”


Patient Engagement generates insights on individual patient needs, makes it easier for pharma to understand its patient support program performance and delivers need-based, tailored interventions and assistance. This enables personalized interventions and support that can help make the treatment journey more effective for patients and caregivers, while ultimately driving better engagement and health outcomes.


Adam Sodano, senior director of commercial digital excellence and operations at Blueprint Medicines, said the company has been pleased with the Patient Engagement suite.


“We’ve been impressed with ZS’s ability to seamlessly integrate our consumer and patient data from channel to channel,” Sodano said. “From targeting our audiences to performance management, the patient data hub provides a connected experience model for our team to engage successfully.”


Connected Research is an innovative solution leveraging leading-edge digital engagement tools to drive validated evidence generation. This evidence can be used in a number of ways, including helping support the business cases for innovations at pharma and health technology organizations.


“ZAIDYN Connected Research is at the forefront of integrating new clinical technologies,” said F. Perry Wilson, M.D., MSCE, the director of the Clinical and Translational Research Accelerator at the Yale School of Medicine. “It can help produce highly pragmatic, real-world, randomized trials so that stakeholders can access deep insights into how these devices can be used for better care.”


“Our ZAIDYN Connected Health team is excited to help bridge gaps in healthcare and drive a patient-centric future,” said Asheesh Shukla, managing principal at ZS. “We’re poised to optimize patient experiences, enhance patient engagement and design interventions that lead to better outcomes.”


Learn more about ZAIDYN Connected Health.

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