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ZS introduces AWS-powered end-to-end analytics platform for life sciences industry

May 8, 2017 | Press Release | 2-minute read

  — Amazon Web Services- and big data-based platform delivers industry-tailored insights and advanced decision-making through a ready-to-use suite of solutions — 


EVANSTON, Ill. – May 9, 2017 – Global sales and marketing firm ZS has expanded its big data and analytics offerings with the release of an enterprise-grade, end-to-end analytics platform for the life sciences industry. REVO Analytics™ is an ecosystem of preconfigured business solutions and tools that span the entire analytics spectrum – from data ingestion and management to advanced analytics and visualization.


“We've combined our decades of experience in the health care industry, our advanced technology capabilities and our sophisticated analytics techniques to create an enterprise-wide big data solution for life sciences," said Dharmendra Sahay, managing principal of integrated analytics solutions at ZS. "REVO Analytics is preconfigured to address the needs of life sciences organizations and supports numerous roles through business applications, the analytics workbench, and reusable data and analytics stencils. The platform can also be configured to meet a company's unique analytics consumption requirements.”

Multiple layers offer comprehensive analytics solution

REVO Analytics includes multiple layers to enable companies to account for the complete data analytics process. Its front-end visualization tools offer quick, automated insights for business users while the back-end analytics workbench allows data scientists and technologists to perform advanced analytics in an easy-to-use data interface. Further, the platform includes an intelligence engine that offers knowledge assets such as algorithms and visualization libraries.


Built on AWS infrastructure and Spark computing, REVO Analytics supports enterprise-wide analytics visualization and data integrations across standard data sources such as Veeva and Salesforce, as well as patient-and provider-level data and non-traditional sources, including Twitter and other data streams.


REVO Analytics' initial set of business applications includes customer 360, oncology analytics and proactive launch analytics. These applications amplify the platform's broad benefits and equip companies with insights and data-backed solutions to some of their biggest challenges.


“Companies need advanced analytics to cope with the rise of digital promotion and services in the life sciences industry," said Mahmood Majeed, managing principal of business technology solutions at ZS. "With REVO, we have been able to capitalize on the full potential of analytics and integrate with advanced technology. Data scientists and analytics users are able to leverage big data and progressive analytics tools without worrying about infrastructure, software installation and environment set-up issues. And IT users are able to take advantage of Amazon's cloud service offerings to deliver flexibility and scalability in supporting critical business applications. This significantly reduces the time and expense traditionally spent on creating customized solutions across departments.“


ZS designed REVO Analytics for businesses looking to quickly initiate, alter and improve their analytics, and made the technical infrastructure of the platform sustainable long term.


"The life sciences industry desperately needs tools and solutions that are designed for the complexities of their data, with an ability to support the varied analytics needs across teams," said Mike Townsend, research manager for life sciences business systems strategies at IDC Health Insights. "It's promising to see industry-specific solutions emerge, especially when they're combined with advanced technology. There is a plethora of business challenges for life sciences companies, so a single application that helps address challenges across an enterprise can be pretty powerful."


ZS has implemented REVO Analytics with select clients and is offering the platform broadly in spring 2017.

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