Heather designed the go-to-market approach for Novartis that’s now the standard for its brand’s high-impact launches globally.


As the global lead for ZS’s Novartis relationship, Heather focuses on ensuring that ZS has the teams, expertise and innovative ideas to serve ZS’s Novartis expertise on a global scale. She is accountable for overall Novartis satisfaction and ensuring the long-term success of the relationship.




Heather’s work with ZS has spanned many key areas of ZS expertise, including a range of strategy, marketing and sales issue areas. Her expertise areas include commercial organization design, product marketing, and resource allocation and deployment. Heather has particular talent in connecting the dots across functions, initiatives and people within the organization to create a deeper impact with her work. In particular, she designed the go-to-market approach for gen meds that has become the standard in planning for Novartis pharma brands globally.



Prior experience

Heather joined ZS in 2000 and worked for several years in the U.S. organization. In 2008, she relocated to Frankfurt to lead ZS’s team in Germany, and later moved to Zurich to lead ZS’s Switzerland office.




Heather holds an MBA from the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia, and a B.A. in sociology from Amherst College.