Impact fact

Hemangshu has partnered with global Fortune 500 clients to drive large-scale digital transformations enabling advanced analytics across enterprise functions.


As part of ZS’s digital and technology practice, Hemangshu helps clients in designing and scaling innovative technology solutions. He advises clients on strategy and drives delivery of large-scale digital programs.


Since joining ZS in 2011, Hemangshu has partnered with multiple clients to enable data management solutions, analytics platforms and enterprise AI solutions across sales, marketing, supply chain, manufacturing and medical. He has extensive experience in building cutting-edge technology solutions for U.S. pharmaceutical and biotech companies, and his key strength lies in his ability to combine data and domain knowledge, technical expertise and problem-solving skills to deliver high impact solutions to clients. He focuses on designing reusable offerings and solutions to solve some of pharma’s toughest data problems. 


Hemangshu also excels in applying big data, cloud and data engineering to data management and analytics enablement. His work has spanned across multiple cloud service providers and cloud technologies. 


Hemangshu holds a bachelor of engineering degree in information technology from the Pune Institute of Computer Technology.