Impact fact

Jacob is the founder of ZS’s applied behavioral science group and has been the brand strategy lead for three of the top five best-selling pharmaceutical brands.


Jacob leads the applied behavioral science team at ZS, whose purpose is to deliver disruptive value for our clients by bringing the unique insights from cognitive and behavioral science into all aspects of the commercial model, including sales, marketing, clinical, product and user experience design, and employee performance. 


Jacob’s expertise is in commercial behavioral science, applying data and insights on how specific, well-understood cognitive biases invisibly influence our decisions and attitudes to help unlock new commercial behavioral opportunities. His applied behavioral science expertise ranges from marketing and sales to user experience design to clinical trial recruiting to helping employees improve their performance.

Prior experience

Prior to joining ZS, Jacob held various strategy roles at different healthcare advertising agencies, where he helped set the creative and tactical strategy for many of the best-selling pharmaceutical brands over the last 15 years across digital, CRM, POC and broadcast channels. 


Jacob holds a B.A. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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