Jaimeen has 16 years of technology consulting and implementation experience focused primarily on the U.S. and European healthcare industry. He leads the customer-centric marketing and digital team in India, with a focus on implementation, adoption of marketing technologies and next best action solutions.



Jaimeen has experience in implementing data-warehousing/BI solutions using both traditional technologies and big data ecosystems. For the past few years, he has primarily focused on the customer-centric marketing solutions working on digital marketing technology. He also has experience of delivering custom web and mobile applications



Before joining ZS, Jaimeen worked for Infosys in the firm’s systems integration practice. He has also worked in the retail, CPG, energy and automobile industries implementing data integration, data warehousing and BI solutions for clients across the U.S. and Europe.



Jaimeen holds bachelor’s of engineering in computer science from the University of Rajasthan.