Kumail is a business operations manager in ZS’s Pune, India, office.



Kumail has experience setting up efficient and effective commercial reporting systems. He recently led a team that helped implement over 100 scorecards, which enabled data-driven brand reporting and subnational analytics in international markets. He has also helped a client within the meetings and event space establish an effective reporting and ad hoc management system, which resulted in 24% year-over-year savings.


In the U.S. and global market, Kumail manages a very lean team, which produces around 175 dashboards per month with an average cost of $200 using some of the most cutting-edge technology available. Some of these reports are consumed by the client CEO and COO. He also helps the team utilize their business and process expertise to continuously evolve existing reports so that they are always in sync with changing market dynamics.



Before his current role, Kumail managed sales ops for multiple business units, with a deep focus on T&A. He also helped support over 10 successful product launches that enabled reps to start detailing within 48 hours of the launch.



Kumail holds an MBA and a bachelor’s of engineering in electronics and communication. He’s also a Certified Six Sigma Green Belt professional.