Impact fact

Leslie is trained in improvisation, relying on her performance background to think on her feet and create engaging experiences for clients and customers.


Leslie is a strategic planning manager in ZS’s New York office. As part of the creative and design team, Leslie's role is to build a bridge between the business problem and creative output. Leslie partners with a team of creatives and experience designers to help express a brand or customer's story and shape richer, more connected experiences.




Leslie has extensive experience in communication and brand development, including brand identity, positioning, messaging and storytelling, brand/tactical planning and creative campaign execution.



Prior experience

Prior to joining ZS, Leslie spent nearly 15 years in healthcare advertising. First, as a copywriter turned creative director, she wrote and oversaw the promotional communications of many in-line and launch brands spanning consumer and professional audiences. More recently, she transitioned to strategic planning, working to create marketing and communication strategies for brands across a range of health and wellness categories. Leslie has worked directly with patients and HCPs to design programs and experiences that align with needs and motivations to drive desired behavior change. 




Leslie holds a B.A. in cellular neuroscience from Colgate University.