Impact fact

Matilda has made a significant impact on pharma and biotech clients through her work on a range of portfolio, pipeline and launch strategy engagements.


Matilda is a member of the business consulting team, providing vital support to biotech and multinational pharma clients as they navigate strategy projects in the EU, U.S. and China markets. With her expertise and insights, she plays a crucial role in helping these organizations achieve their goals and drive success.


In addition to her consulting work, Matilda is also the executive producer of ZS’s “Inside Global Pharma” podcast for professionals in the industry, which explores critical topics related to global pipeline and launch commercialization.


Her areas of project expertise include portfolio and disease area strategy, opportunity assessments, go-to-market strategy, launch planning and brand strategy planning.


She also possesses a strong understanding of oncology, rare diseases and cell and gene therapy, making her a valuable resource for organizations operating in these complex and rapidly evolving areas.

Prior Experience

Matilda has previous experience in research and nonprofit work. She has worked as a researcher at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) and has also led a nonprofit organization focused on science education.


Matilda holds a Ph.D. in genome biology from EMBL and an M.S. in molecular biosciences from the University of Heidelberg, Germany.

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