Impact fact

Meghan helped a top manufacturer redefine functional frameworks used to assess MA&P opportunity as a key input into acquisition and development decisions.


Meghan is an associate principal in ZS’s Philadelphia office, and part of the ZS value and access leadership team. She is a leader of ZS’s cell and gene center of excellence. Meghan is also part of the internal ZS team developing thought capital around how pharma should adapt to the evolving healthcare ecosystem, and is the V&A leader within ZS’s oncology vertical.




Meghan has significant experience working in market access and pricing over the last 10 years, and has developed strategies for products throughout stages of development. She is an experienced moderator and has conducted hundreds of qualitative payer interviews. Additionally, she has experience across key pharmaceutical geographies in the U.S. and EU, and has also worked in a number of Latin American and Asian markets.


Meghan’s V&A strategy work is broad, and includes opportunity assessment, value story development, pricing strategy research, negotiation strategy and training, contract strategy design and modeling and internal MA&P training and capabilities development. Much of her work includes payer research and workshop facilitation.


Meghan has led more than 30 cell & gene engagements over the last 4 years.



Prior experience

Prior to joining ZS in 2014, Meghan focused on market access and pricing strategy for pharmaceuticals as a consultant at a boutique consulting firm.




Meghan has a B.A. in the biological basis of behavior and chemistry from the University of Pennsylvania.