Melissa has more than 20 years of experience in UX strategy, research and design. She leads user experience for clients on the East Coast and brings successful human-centered innovations to enterprise, HCP, patient and caregiver audiences.



Since joining ZS in 2015, Melissa has worked across more than 60 ZS clients. She has brought human-centered business transformation to a variety of projects, including R&D for clinical trial feasibility applications; patient registries, access support and RWD portals; data catalogs; brand and field reporting; customer-centric marketing and multiple custom development applications. Throughout her projects, people are at the center as she leverages her expertise in LEAN UX, Agile, human-computer interaction, behavioral design, human cognitive psychology, storytelling and gameful experience design to create differentiated solutions with high user adoption and measurable impact.



Melissa has a background in business, cognitive and behavioral psychology, human and veterinary medicine and visual arts. She began her career working at a startup technical consultancy for financial clients and went on to work at large enterprises and mid-sized companies across multiple industries, including high-tech, banking and finance, healthcare, energy, real estate and insurance. She is also a published medical illustrator.



Melissa holds an M.S. from Boston University in multimedia mass communications, where she graduated with honors and distinction, and a B.F.A in medical illustration from the Rochester Institute of Technology, where she graduated magna cum laude.