Impact fact

Michael has helped set up and run comprehensive commercial analytics programs supporting dozens of therapy areas and coordinating hundreds of people around the world.


Michael has been involved in pharmaceutical commercial analytics throughout his career at ZS, helping to shape and connect the results for more meaningful impact. He has been involved in setting up and advising on multiple analytics programs, covering all aspects of analytics for clients, including large- and mid-tier pharmaceutical clients.




Michael has spent 15 years in pharmaceutical analytics, with all 15 years including a significant focus in oncology therapeutic areas. His work has spanned more traditional areas of sales analytics for ZS, through more recent applications of AI and machine learning in advanced prediction of patient events, next best action and dynamic targeting. Recently, Michael has focused on building commercial analytics programs at scale for clients to deliver better, connected insights and capture cost efficiencies.



Prior experience

Michael’s previous experiences were varied, involving R&D in the chemical industry, consulting for local economic development agencies, and running a company involved in recycling.




Michael has an MBA from the Yale School of Management, and a Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering from Purdue University.