Impact fact

Naman is a known for solving strategic business problems by applying advanced data science techniques for his clients across North America and the U.K.


Naman is a data science manager in ZS’s Chicago office and has seven-plus years of data science and advanced analytics experience with a focus on travel and transportation, high-tech, manufacturing and pharma. He works closely with clients on formulating and designing varied structured and unstructured data analytics solutions using machine learning techniques to enable greater commercial effectiveness.




Naman’s areas of expertise include statistical modelling, forecasting, Bayesian techniques, clustering, computer vision, recommender systems and deep learning techniques with applications primarily in the non-healthcare domain.


Naman has thorough proficiency in R and Python and enjoys playing a hands-on role with his projects. He has published a few articles on behavioral personalization, computer vision and Bayesian modeling in leading journals such as ACM, IEEE and Elsevier, respectively.



Prior experience

Before joining ZS, Naman had a year-long stint with Tata Consultancy Services’ research design and development center in the AI and machine learning lab. He worked as a research project intern, which involved creating a personalized, augmented and scalable ed tech platform that helps students learn better, and it was powered using computer vision, recommender system and behavioral personalization techniques.




Naman holds a bachelor’s (with honors) in computer science engineering from the University of Pune, India.