Nitin helps clients with major investment decisions ranging from sales force or direct marketing expenditures to the cost of managed care rebates.


Nitin Jain is a principal at ZS, a professional services firm, in its Evanston, Ill., office. He is the leader of ZS’s U.S. market access practice area. His work has focused on designing and structuring the account director teams, creating an access strategy for different brands, and optimizing rebates to MCOs. He also helps companies align their sales and marketing investment with the local healthcare and payer landscape.


Nitin is ZS’ client service lead for one of the top 10 pharmaceutical manufacturers. He is a member of ZS’s client service leadership council and is also a co-chair of the Executive Club of Chicago’s Healthcare Forum.




Nitin has been a pioneer and an innovator on a variety of topics ranging from digital strategy and customer-centric marketing; market access; contracting strategy and real-world evidence data analytics. His thought leadership in these areas includes a number of publications as well as conference presentations. He has also helped clients build internal capabilities in these areas, thereby creating a competitive advantage. 



Prior experience

Previously, Nitin was the company-wide leader of ZS’s promotion and marketing mix practice area and being the client service lead for some of ZS’s most valued client relationships.




Nitin holds an M.S. and a Ph.D. in chemical engineering from Northwestern University, with a focus on chaos theory.