Impact fact

Torsten is a pioneer in blending insights from behavioral psychology and cognitive science with rigorous business management processes.


Torsten has nearly 30 years of experience as a management consultant and business leader. He created and leads the global change management expertise center at ZS. 




Working predominantly with Fortune 500 companies and their affiliates in the United States, Europe, South America and the far East, Torsten helps them transform their organizations to achieve faster growth and superior execution, and to codify and disseminate best practices.



Prior experience

Prior to joining ZS, Torsten’s experience includes sales and marketing roles with IBM, work for the Commission of the European Union in Brussels, and research for the Technology Center in Hannover, Germany.




Torsten holds an MBA from INSEAD and a M.Sc. in economics and geography from Leibniz Universität in Hannover, Germany.



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