Vaibhav is a leader on the Real World Data & Insights (RWD&I) capability team at ZS. He has been working with global life sciences companies for over a decade helping design and deploy innovative solutions to bring sales and marketing excellence.

Vaibhav has a unique capability of identifying the unmet patient need across the disease and treatment journey and helping develop strategies to mitigate them. Over the years he has developed RWD&I and AI-driven transformations around go-to-market strategy, customer engagement and patient service for life sciences companies across globe. He is a leader in a global expertise center that focuses on creating and implementing innovative applications for the rapidly evolving landscape of patient-level data sources.

Prior to ZS, Vaibhav worked for global life sciences companies, helping them develop medical affairs strategy and business processes.

Vaibhav holds a master’s and bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India.