Partnership is an artificial intelligence (AI) company pioneering the use of machine learning to assess, quantify and reduce risk during clinical development and guide pipeline decision-making. ZS leverages this best-in-class risk assessment to help pharma R&D teams with analytics, insights, portfolio strategy and business development, in addition to improving the productivity of pipeline development.


Partnership Impact

ZS and help guide organizations through pipeline decision-making to reduce risk during clinical development. We help our clients feel more confident about their risk management and business development decisions.

Delivering Results

Partnership and value

ZS and help clients make better development decisions around which drugs to market faster for patients who need them the most, thanks to our robust understanding of drivers for clinical and regulatory success.

Industry expertise

A deep data set from over a hundred clinical databases, manually curated by experts to ensure relevance and accuracy.

Actionable insights

A best-in-class pipeline asset risk assessment for analytics and insights, portfolio strategy, business development and R&D teams that minimizes risk in drug development, streamlines productivity and lowers clinical development costs.

Scalable solution

The platform uses forward-looking, machine learning-enabled probability of technical and regulatory success (PTRS) assessments to provide valuable insights.

Data-driven precision’s algorithms have demonstrated elevated levels of accuracy in predicting success and are continually refined with additional data.

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