Quartic.ai is an enterprise-scale AI platform that advances autonomous manufacturing. ZS has partnered with Quartic.ai to improve how manufacturers in life sciences and healthcare use technology, data and artificial intelligence (AI) to speed up product launches and meet sustainability goals. 

Supply chain flexibility and resiliency are critical to the success of life sciences companies. ZS provides digital supply chain solutions, while Quartic.ai offers AI-driven solutions for manufacturing—a critical component of a modern supply chain.

A modular, distributed design allows for easy and reliable scaling from a single production asset to multiple manufacturing locations.

Integrate best-of-breed machine learning (ML) in an operating system and cloud-agnostic environment to build and deploy enterprise applications at scale using APIs and SDKs.

With pre-built models, no-code model-building workflows and open-code environments for customization, teams can access ML in a single platform.