Consumers overwhelmingly see connected health as a way to take control of their journeys, helping them move from sick care to healthcare. Despite the expanding influence of consumers and other players in the healthcare ecosystem, the industry is moving too slowly toward a system enabled by digital connections. And major disconnects in the system are causing inconveniences and contributing to the existing deficit of public trust. For so long, the healthcare industry has seen individuals as patients who are sick and require treatment, rather than as consumers who are working to maintain health and wellness. We now know what consumers want, and it’s time we give it to them. But how do we do this?  


To build a foundation for this new consumer-driven reality, the healthcare industry must see the bigger picture, find new opportunities to align, connect real-world information faster and introduce technology that bridges gaps instead of widening them. Healthcare leaders need to drive connectivity across their own global organizations to encourage and accelerate innovation. Pharma, medtech, payers and health systems must unite around the goal of delivering better medicines, treatment experiences, outcomes, and sustainable wellness to more people around the world.    

The 2022 Impact Summit will inspire experts across healthcare to think big, stay focused and start now. We’ll pull in perspectives from both healthcare players and innovators outside of the industry.  

Leaders in healthcare, including pharma, medtech and health plans. Roles such as commercial, digital, analytics, medical affairs and R&D.

An exciting blend of keynote presentations, breakout sessions, unique offsite networking excursions and a closing night dinner hosted at the JFK Museum.