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Medical Products and Services

Build a High-Performing Sales and Marketing Organization—Despite the Challenging Healthcare Landscape

Our Medical Products and Services practice provides a wide range of sales and marketing consulting, outsourcing and technology offerings to medical device and diagnostics companies as well as those specializing in medical supplies, equipment, distribution and healthcare services. Our clients understand the need to build and maintain high-performing sales and marketing organizations in a challenging healthcare environment.

Medical products and services companies must contend with market conditions such as:

  • Increased influence of non-clinical decision makers and committees
  • Amplified competition and pricing pressures
  • Continued evolution in reimbursement and regulatory policies
  • Rapid advancement of technology integration

To thrive in today's complex and challenging healthcare market, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of sales and marketing has become more important than ever.

Heighten Sales and Marketing Effectiveness and Accelerate Revenue Growth

At ZS, we concentrate on improving the sales and marketing effectiveness and productivity of our medical products and services clients. Our solutions help clients achieve:

Increased Efficiency of the Commercial Organization

  • More efficient sales models for lower cost of sales
  • Outsourced sales operations for reduced costs
  • Streamlined commercial operations for lower operating costs

Acceleration of Revenue Growth

  • Identify untapped market opportunities
  • Launch new medical products successfully
  • Grow and evolve the sales force
  • Optimize the allocation of sales and marketing resources

Maximization of Sales and Marketing Impact in a Challenging Environment

  • Support mergers and acquisitions
  • Adapt sales and marketing strategies to the changing reimbursement and regulatory environment
  • Deploy sales and marketing effectiveness initiatives


What Unique Value Does ZS Bring to Medical Products and Services Companies?

We provide a dedicated team of talented consultants who bring both deep industry knowledge and thought-leading sales and marketing issue expertise. ZS has worked with 16 out of the top 20 medical device and diagnostic companies as well as numerous medical supplies, equipment and distribution companies and healthcare service providers.

We serve as both a strategic advisor for the long-term and a resource that can help with the detailed implementation of new strategies.

Our clients engage ZS for many reasons:

  • Innovative strategies for increasing growth and effectiveness
  • Hands-on assistance with implementation and operational aspects of new initiatives
  • Capability building for the sales and marketing organization

If you would like to learn more about our experience in the medical products industry, we would be happy to discuss with you our insights regarding key challenges, critical success factors, and proven approaches.

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