Partnership in Growth

A mid-market retirement platform’s new growth strategy led to a significant redesign of its incentive platform and increased assets under management.

A boutique, mid-market retirement platform and fund provider wanted to spur growth but was unsure of its chances for success. The company’s distribution depended on partnerships in addition to direct spend, and it struggled with determining how much to invest in order to drive growth versus how much investment should be pushed to partners. Further, the company’s distribution team set its sales goals each year, but leadership often wondered if the goals were aggressive enough. The company needed a fact-based model to validate its goals, along with incentives that were more conducive to organic growth.

ZS partnered with the firm to develop a map of the potential market and a pipeline-based approach to capture near-term growth opportunities. Based on the variance in the sales pipeline and ZS’s qualitative assessment of the company’s past performance, we identified gaps in the selling model, redesigned sales roles and shifted spend from the prospects with the smallest opportunity to those with higher potential. ZS’s approach to goal-setting was rooted in the company’s historical performance and market opportunity, allowing the company and its distribution partners to set higher goals.

ZS’s data-based suggestions resulted in a shift of about 20% of the company’s sales investments, in addition to a significant redesign of its incentive program. In the three years that followed, the program went from flat to growing numbers of plan sponsors (0% to 3.5% compound annual growth rate) and grew assets under management by more than 10% annually.

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