Pharmaceuticals and Biotech

The Healthcare Landscape Is Shifting Under Your Feet. Are You Prepared to Respond?

We’re entering a new era in healthcare, and it’s not just the rules of the game that are changing. It’s the game itself.

The shift toward value-based care continues, and pharma and biotech companies are being asked to better justify prices, demonstrate value and deliver improved patient outcomes. Meanwhile, the pharma industry’s customer base is changing and diversifying, with physicians’ influence on purchase decisions declining, IDNs, payer systems and other organized customers growing more prominent, and new stakeholders demanding pharma’s attention. Competition is heating up, new entrants are gaining ground, and regulatory pressures are intensifying.

Along with these external forces, pharma and biotech organizations face a mountain of internal pressures. Organizational structures need to be rethought, commercial models need to be reinvented and business processes overall need to become more responsive to a marketplace in flux. Pharma companies have to become leaner and more agile, and increasingly data-driven. Of course, pharma has always been a data-driven business in many ways, but advanced analytics solutions such as artificial intelligence and machine learning require altogether different people, processes and technology. Then there’s the challenge of bringing new therapies to market more efficiently and effectively, to say nothing of discovering and developing them.

In this new era of healthcare, do you have the capabilities, skills and solutions that you need to win? ZS can help.

We Leverage Analytics, Technology and Strategy to Create Solutions That Work in the Real World

At ZS, we help pharma and biotech companies discover, develop and deliver products that drive customer value and company results.

Our offerings are built specifically for companies in the pharmaceutical industry—and they actually work in the real world. We connect the dots across your organization, from R&D through commercialization, bringing you solutions to your most difficult business challenges. Our solutions help you:

  • Access the right data, analytics and technology for your needs
  • Reinvigorate your commercial strategies
  • Improve customer engagement and embrace customer centricity
  • Develop actionable customer insights
  • And more…

From informing a pipeline investment decision to deploying your sales force, ZS experts will work side by side with you to design and implement solutions that power your organization’s success.

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We Work Across the Full Spectrum of Discovery and Commercialization Issues with All of the Top 50 Biopharmaceutical Companies

ZS is different because when you work with us, you work with a true partner. We’ll work side by side with you to design and implement solutions to your toughest business problems. We have both a robust understanding of the dynamics of the healthcare economy and deep expertise with solving pharma’s nuanced operational challenges.

Our technology platforms are specifically designed for the pharma industry, both complementing and integrating easily into your company’s systems. Our leading-edge analytic techniques underpin all of our work so that our solutions and recommendations are strong, credible and always rooted in data. With more than 35 years of experience, we are passionately committed to helping companies and their customers thrive.

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