Make home base a secure patient profile that engages and evolves with each touchpoint. With seamless data and analytics, you can break down silos and barriers, empowering patients and clinicians to make care decisions with confidence.

Create a cohesive journey for every patient by securely connecting wearables, apps, digital therapeutics and medical devices. Elevate your support and make timely interventions based on holistic analytics and insights from clinical and behavioral data.

Run digital trials and studies with ease. Adjust workflows and measure what is and isn’t working to elevate experiences and broaden participation. Built-in analytics illuminate behavioral and clinical insights, real-world data (RWD) and real-world evidence (RWE).

Connect patients and clinicians around the globe and collect consistent, verified biometric information. By making it easier to integrate devices, engage with telehealth and visualize clinical data, you can elevate patient outcomes.

Our digital health ecosystem learns as people engage, share and connect. Built-in AI and machine learning features integrate clinical and behavioral insights quickly and illuminate trends in RWD and RWE.

Our solutions are designed to work within your digital ecosystem, while our data management framework and system connectors create efficiencies for your IT teams, data analysts and data scientists.

Plug in apps, devices and digital solutions throughout the patient journey for a seamless and secure experience. Get holistic data visualizations, timely notifications and dynamic analytics wherever you are.

Flexible, modular features and solutions mean you can get your digital health platform up and running quickly and scale as you grow. Our holistic approach to UX and design keeps your data and experiences seamlessly connected.

Accessible, easy-to-use programs for patients requiring specialty care can transform patient outcomes. Tap into the right devices, digital tools and channels to elevate the quality of your specialty support programs.

Innovate with confidence and keep data and intellectual property secure. Apply the right levels of validation and consent throughout trial protocol design, onboarding, technology implementation and reporting.