Building scalable commercial analytics capabilities with ZAIDYN™ in emerging pharma

By Bharat Tandon, Biswadeep Ghosh, and Nathan Tang

Aug. 8, 2023 | Demo | 30-minute watch

Building scalable commercial analytics capabilities with ZAIDYN in emerging pharma

In today’s rapidly evolving pharmaceutical landscape, emerging pharma companies face unique challenges in achieving sustainable growth and successful product launches. These challenges are amplified for organizations navigating their first product launch with limited budgets and tight timeframes, often resulting in implementation of suboptimal solutions that become a barrier to growth. To make the most of existing investments while setting a solid foundation for success, it is crucial for emerging companies to future-proof their operations and leverage scalable solutions.


This webinar explores the transformative potential of ZAIDYN™, an intelligent cloud-based platform designed to empower companies to do more with less.


In this webinar, we demonstrate how ZAIDYN can help you:

  • Effortlessly enhance your analytics capabilities as you launch new products, scale from regional to global and function to enterprise
  • Empower your teams and drive productivity with actionable insights and contextual suggestions to create a personalized experience for internal and external stakeholders
  • Seamlessly integrate with your current systems to manage increasing volumes of data efficiently, optimize resources and boost productivity

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