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Clinical feasibility benchmarking analysis

By Denise Bronner, and Ronnie Du

March 23, 2022 | Research Report | 12-minute read

Clinical feasibility benchmarking analysis

This benchmark analysis report contains profiles and an analysis of the site feasibility process for eight of our Clinical Feasibility Consortium members and their respective pharmaceutical companies. The report from a study completed in 2020 covers information on external collaborations, data capabilities, essential skills for clinical feasibility assessment and the future vision for clinical feasibility.

An in-depth reporting on feasibility teams’ methods for insight collection was conducted as well as the most common insights. Several feasibility teams shared their concerns with and confidence in several data sources. The report offers a picture of data utilization by each team member, outlining the most and least commonly utilized data sources. 


The report paints a bigger picture of a future state, detailing what most teams plan to take as next steps and visions of their future state. Near term, these organizations are focused on building tech-heavy groups skilled in advanced analytics, but ultimately, they would like to strive for impactful data storytelling and innovative problem solving.


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