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Easing change management for sales teams through game-based learning

By Irina Groysman

Oct. 15, 2021 | Infographic | 1 minute read

Easing change management for sales teams through game-based learning

With a rapidly evolving business environment and ever-changing customer preferences, pharmaceutical organizations are making enormous investments in empowering their employees and improving customer engagement. Choosing the right kind of tool for your organization and integrating it with existing systems is only the first half of the journey. The second half is making sure that the tool is successfully accepted by those who will be using it. This can include introducing the tool, communicating the vision for it, getting everyone involved and, most importantly, taking employees through the training process.


The challenges in the second half of the journey are part of change management. Behavior change is hard and takes time, requiring concerted effort from organizations. One way to accelerate the change is to make people feel like they are part of the journey. Help them understand the reason behind the change while making the process fun. Immersive learning techniques and gamification are tools that can help with the process, by generating excitement and engagement, while empowering employees to connect with the content and making learning stick. These creative approaches can help organizations get over the change management hurdle and ensure the maximum benefits in the future.

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