ZAIDYN™ Field Insights demo: Empower your emerging pharma field team

By Scott Seltzer, and Nathan Tang

Feb. 8, 2023 | Demo |

ZAIDYN Field Insights demo: Empower your emerging pharma field team

For emerging pharma, navigating a market dominated by global pharma giants means that strategy is paramount to getting your information into the hands of the right people at the right time. The technology exists to ensure that reality. Discover an intelligent platform that, through powerful insights into HCP preferences and needs, helps field teams identify the most optimal message to share with their customers, on the best-suited channel at the time it’s most likely to get engagement. 


In this webinar, we demo our Field Insights application (part of our ZAIDYN™ Customer Engagement suite of products) and show you how it can give your team:

  • Actionable insights and contextual suggestions to create a targeted, personal experience for each HCP
  • The ability to anticipate HCP and patient needs and meet them with the right messages
  • The foundation for future omnichannel capabilities

Whether you’re new to our platform or ZAIDYN already empowers your organization to do more, everyone is welcome to watch this on-demand webinar.

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