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How to transform medtech customer engagement

By ZS Author

Aug. 25, 2021 | Infographic |

How to transform medtech customer engagement

Medtech companies increasingly recognize that their customers want an omnichannel experience that doesn’t rely on the field sales rep as the sole source of information. And while 80% of medtech leaders consider omnichannel and digital customer engagement a strategic priority, most medtech companies still lack the ability to deliver this transformation of customer experience.


As a result, their customers aren’t satisfied, and they have yet to capture the value of an omnichannel approach. By aligning their engagement models with customer preferences, medtech companies can increase sales rep productivity, drive customer retention and satisfaction and fuel revenue growth.


Given the medtech industry’s unique challenges, no one-size-fits-all blueprint exists for medtech companies. Leaders must assess how to apply relevant omnichannel models to solve specific business needs. ZS has identified four essential capability building blocks to support omnichannel transformation as a sustainable strategy that drives long-term results. 

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