Implement modern data and analytics strategies to deliver patient-centered care

Oct. 27, 2021 | Webinar | 25-minute watch

Implement modern data and analytic strategies to deliver patient-centered care

Healthcare leaders are on mission to be more agile and data-driven in their decision-making across every aspect of care delivery ranging from improving patient and provider experiences to enhancing quality of care and reducing healthcare costs. However, several organizational, regulatory and technical challenges prevent them from unlocking the full potential of their data.


Watch this presentation from ZS and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to hear how organizations can solve these healthcare-specific challenges by implementing modern data and analytics strategies, in addition to:


  • Key healthcare industry trends and challenges associated with cloud migrations
  • Different approaches used by healthcare organizations to accelerate time-to-value with cloud data warehouses
  • Best practices for building high performing data and analytics capabilities leveraging Amazon Redshift and Lakehouse Architecture 

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