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ZAIDYN™ Field Incentives demo: Motivate your teams with a personalized experience

By Michael Cass, and Anshul Khariwal

April 13, 2023 | Demo |


As commercial models evolve, intelligent platforms have taken pharma by storm—mobilizing teams around the latest trends, customer insights and AI-powered recommendations. Yet among field representatives, incentive compensation performance has fallen below industry benchmarks, signaling the need for a new motivation model and a better way to connect actions and decisions across customer engagement and field performance. Discover how your organization can take the same AI- and machine learning-driven insights fueling your customer engagement programs, apply them to new data sets and deliver an integrated field strategy that elevates performance.


In this webinar, we demo the Field Incentives’ capability within our Field Insights application to show you how:

  • AI-powered intelligence and proactive performance monitoring create a seamless experience for field reps
  • Informative, personalized and diagnostic insights can enhance field teams’ productivity
  • Real-time recommendations keep teams motivated and engaged through each incentive compensation plan period

Whether you’re new to our platform or your organization is already harnessing the power of ZAIDYN™, everyone is welcome to watch this on-demand webinar.

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