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Optimizing cell and gene therapy orchestration

By Sankalp Sethi, and Arvind Kumar

May 11, 2022 | Webinar | 32-minute watch

Optimizing cell and gene therapy orchestration

Cell and gene therapies have had a transformative impact on patient lives. However, ordering and managing these innovations has been complicated for providers and manufacturers. With a vision of simplifying this experience in the future, ZS has partnered with TrakCel.


In this webinar you’ll learn about:

  • Challenges encountered by providers and manufacturers
  • Digital solutions that can simplify this experience, with a deep dive on TrakCel
  • Analytics that can propel insight-driven decision-making
Please join us in a discussion with TrakCel’s chief digital officer, Carl Taylor,  and VP scientific affairs and co-founder, Matthew Lakelin.

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