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Patient experience optimization at the point of design

By April Lewis

Aug. 23, 2023 | Webinar | 35-minute watch

Patient experience optimization at the point of design

The clinical trial industry must redefine patient centricity, moving from the tactical delivery of digital and decentralized methods to strategic partnerships with patients across the clinical development life cycle. In fact, ZS has found a 15% increase in participation willingness when studies are designed in partnership with patients. In order to achieve the highest ROI, sponsors must integrate core capabilities that deliver the ability to scale.


In this session experts cover:

  • How data and evidence on patient needs can be surfaced in real time to influence strategy and design decisions
  • How technology can enable cross-stakeholder and collaborative design
  • How analytics can identify nuances in competitive advantage, in subpopulation trends and unmet needs to ensure balanced outcomes for all stakeholders

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