Medical Technology

Pricing analytics fuels contracting excellence

June 28, 2023 | Webinar | 30-minute watch

Pricing analytics fuels contracting excellence

Whether you provide large capital equipment or small essential supplies to healthcare providers, excellence in pricing execution entails more than an efficient deal desk. A robust pricing analytics capability is the backbone of best-in-class contracting in medtech, enhancing your team’s ability to identify opportunities for growth, build and close the best deals, and highlight where existing contracts can be refined and improved over their entire life cycle.


But excellence in pricing analytics doesn’t require a new commercial technology suite. In this webinar, ZS experts explore key pricing analytics use cases that can drive best-in-class contracting via the established tools and processes your teams are already using.


During this webinar, you’ll discover:

  • The core elements of pricing analytics needed, from opportunity identification through contract performance management
  • How to drive adoption across your commercial organization
  • How to solve for specific use cases using ZS Beacon, a revenue optimization tool built for medtech, to deliver insights your team can use right now, enhancing the way you do business without disrupting it

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