Personalized companion care protocols for novel oncology therapeutics, like those for multiple myeloma, are essential for patient success. These care models should be adaptable according to patient variations, resource levels and care site capabilities. Join Mohamed Datoo, Senior Director, Global Commercial Data Sciences and Digital Health at Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine and Vijesh Unnikrishnan, partner, digital and connected health at ZS, as they discuss how remote patient monitoring (RPM) using sensor data, real-time tracking and smart communication can digitize these models, enabling convenient at-home care, aligning with the “hospital at home” vision.


You’ll learn more about:

  • The need for real-world evidence of RPM’s safety and efficacy in diverse patient settings.
  • The evolving economics of financing these care models, with a changing manufacturer role.
  • Compliance and regulatory considerations, including transfer of value, practice of medicine, infosec and SaMD in alignment with use, evidence and economic models.