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Sanofi is transforming clinical trials to bring medicines to patients faster

By ZS Author

Sept. 19, 2022 | Infographic | 3-minute read

Sanofi is transforming clinical trials to bring medicines to patients faster

Sanofi, an innovative global healthcare company, is making swift progress toward its mission of creating a smoother, faster, more inclusive clinical trial experience that’s also patient-centric and data-driven. For an organization focused on improving patients’ lives by delivering life-changing treatments and vaccines, optimizing clinical trials is a must.


To bring medicines to patients quicker and improve patients’ experiences along the way, the company partnered with ZS to engage in its clinical trial transformation journey and create an AI-powered data and analytics platform that would support clinical trial country and sites identification decisions. By expanding the perimeter of its study startups, improving the country and site selection process and empowering teams to model patient enrollment scenarios that support diverse cohorts, Sanofi aimed to consistently broaden and improve participation in clinical trials.


Soon after Sanofi started its digital transformation journey, the company teamed up with ZS to leverage ZAIDYNTM, an AI-powered platform. Here’s how Sanofi is using the ZAIDYN algorithms and advanced analytics to accelerate trial development, expand the universe of clinical trial locations, find sites and participants that fit the criteria of its research portfolio and generate insights that will set its clinical development processes on a continuous improvement trajectory.

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