Health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) professionals have spent decades applying their skills, experience and expertise to help solve some of healthcare’s thorniest challenges—but many still suspect they aren’t seen as essential strategic partners to life sciences companies, policymakers and other critical stakeholders.


To explore how HEOR teams can change how they’re perceived, we published our first-ever HEOR report. It stems from a panel of 12 thought leaders who examined the state of HEOR today and how it can become recognized as an indispensable partner.


While each expert brought a unique perspective to the conversation, the consensus was that HEOR must confront today’s challenges with greater flexibility and a broad skillset if it wants to be viewed as an essential strategic partner rather than as a support function. Panelists agreed the most pressing problems HEOR should tackle include equitable pricing, emerging markets, demographic changes and health system capacity.


Read the HEOR report to explore the state of HEOR today, how it can help life sciences companies improve decision-making and much more.