Voice-based digital biomarkers are the bellwether of a coming revolution in biomedical research and healthcare. Voice quality is both a telltale sign of patient health and a novel frontier for health assessment. Technologies that enable voice capture on everyday consumer devices and then perform symptom detection and prediction have tremendous potential for both research and development and the clinical environment. Yet because these biomarkers are so novel, many questions exist about how to bring them to market and put them to efficient use.


This white paper is intended as a guide to biopharmaceutical companies, clinical researchers, physician entrepreneurs and digital health innovators with an interest in developing or operationalizing voice-based digital biomarkers. It will help these stakeholders understand the opportunities this new frontier presents, to assess their needs and capabilities if they plan to embark on this journey and to provide strategic approaches as they traverse this new terrain.


Within this white paper, we cover:

  • Definitions of digital biomarkers and voice-based digital biomarkers
  • Some technical, ethical, regulatory and commercial challenges that these voice-based digital biomarkers face
  • The three therapeutic areas where we are seeing the deepest research into vocal biomarkers and where we may see the first uses in clinical practice