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The Price of Global Health, Third Edition

July 20, 2020 | Article |

The Price of Global Health, Third Edition

Global drug pricing is one of the most hotly debated yet least understood aspects of the pharmaceutical industry. In his book, The Price of Global Health, global drug pricing expert Ed Schoonveld describes the pharmaceutical pricing process and its business, economic and social challenges.


The third edition, with 12 new chapters and more than 30% new content, is significantly updated to reflect today’s environment, including how COVID-19 is putting even more pressure on the global economy and healthcare budgets. He also explains how pharmaceutical prices are determined in a complex global player environment, what factors influence the process, and how companies should adjust their approach to drug development, commercialization decisions, value demonstration and pricing to be successful in a changing world. His insights will help a wide range of audiences—from healthcare industry professionals to policymakers, consumers, pharmaceutical company leaders and pricing professionals—gain a better understanding of this complex field.


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