ZS hosted a workshop for Reuters: Pharma Clinical 2021. With hybrid and decentralized clinical trials becoming the new normal, the use of sensor-based wearables, monitoring devices and clinical trial apps intended to regularly collect PRO and experience data are critically important to the success of the trial. Choosing, testing, modifying and validating solutions for trials can be complex, yet it needs to be done quickly and effectively. The answers and validation are often “outside the building” with the patients, caregivers and investigators who will use these devices and tools. This was a highly engaging conversation about the real-world concerns and factors about preparing for success discussing:

  • Standardizing and accelerating the process of choosing clinical trial devices
  • Ensuring that devices provide endpoints that are both fit for purpose and exploratory
  • Improving the consistency of wearables and devices used across the clinical research program
  • Developing repeatable processes for future device selection