Like their peers in other industries, life sciences organizations (LSOs) “were thrust into the digital era almost overnight,” Gartner notes in the latest Hype Cycle report. In response to the pandemic, these organizations “immediately accelerated the application of advanced analytics technologies to personalize customer engagement, deploy new digital channels, advance patient-engagement strategies and pursue new health value creation opportunities.”


But with the leap toward newfound technology adoption comes the challenge of scale. As CIOs continue to hone their long-term technology strategies, understanding the maturity level and efficiency of each product in their portfolio is paramount. “Because the path forward is uncertain, CIOs will need to develop a technology strategy that is adaptable, scalable and resilient to meet new business requirements on demand,” Gartner states.


As CIOs continue to build advanced analytics, one thing is certain: the life sciences industry is heading toward a platform approach. "We expect digital life science platforms to be mainstream in the next five to 10 years, enabling them to nimbly adapt their business and operating models in response to external disruption and change in business strategy.”


To provide CIOs with the input they need to prioritize innovation and balance revenue, cost and value, Gartner has released “Hype Cycle for Life Science Commercial Operations, 2021.” In it, Gartner assesses the LSO technology ecosystem, analyzing products’ capabilities at different stages of maturity, from “Innovation Trigger” to “Plateau of Productivity.” The report recognizes ZS as a Sample Vendor in 5 technologies, including the Life Science Personalization Engine and the Commercial Data & Analytics Platform.


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