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B2B marketing—A missing key to advanced KAM in pharma and medtech

Feb. 28, 2024 | White Paper | 1-minute read

B2B marketing—A missing key to advanced KAM in pharma and medtech

Many pharma and medtech executives believe that advanced KAM strategies and capabilities are critical to their company’s future success. While KAM is still a relatively new B2B strategy in life sciences, pharma and medtech companies have made important strides in KAM over the last five years, resulting in improved key account relationships and product access. Despite this, few life sciences companies are able to design and deliver tailored solutions at scale. New B2B marketing capabilities will be at the forefront of the transformation needed to build these solutions.


In this white paper, we focus on the critical role B2B marketing must play in order for life sciences to achieve the next frontier of KAM effectiveness and impact. Download the white paper to get:

  • Definitions for the four fundamental KAM models for life sciences, ranging from basic account management to advanced KAM
  • A comprehensive B2B marketing framework for KAM
  • Insights on organization design, cross-functional operating model and evolution

Download the white paper 

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