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ZS medical affairs outlook report 2019: Field medical growth and industry trends

May 2, 2016 | Research Report | 1-minute-read

ZS medical affairs outlook report 2019: Analysis of field medical growth and industry

The role of medical affairs has evolved. Its impact has steadily increased over the last few years as the role is now widely considered an asset to the healthcare industry.


ZS’s medical affairs team has been working closely with various medical affairs organizations throughout the industry. Late last year, this team conducted a survey of more than 100 clients from 45 global companies to gather insights about collaboration, field medical effectiveness, metrics, current and future field medical roles and activities, and compensation. Their report summarizes the findings.


Download ZS Medical Affairs Outlook Report 2019 for in-depth insights about how:

  • Medical affairs roles and responsibilities are expanding
  • Collaboration between MSLs and other departments is changing
  • Compensation and recruitment of MSLs has evolved