Survey says: Forecasting teams work to unlock their potential

By Sean Walter, and Supriye Jain

Sept. 21, 2023 | Infographic | 2-minute read

Survey says: Forecasting teams work to unlock their potential

Results of a ZS-led study open a window into how pharmaceutical company forecasting teams are strengthening their capabilities and credibility across their organizations. Our biannual survey again explores how forecasters continue to enhance their efficiency and contributions, including for the C-suite.


Two key themes emerged. First, we see forecasters responding to growing coordination challenges and demands from across the organization. As they explore how centralization and standardization can help, they worry automation might eclipse the experience and human judgment they provide. Second, we see forecasters eager to take on new assignments and expand their authority.


We believe pharmaceutical companies can use these insights to strengthen their forecasting practices, optimize decision-making and lead the industry. Let’s look at some of the significant findings in this infographic:

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