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900 ZSers soar to success

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Aug. 1, 2021 | Article | 5-minute read

900 ZSers soar to success

ZSers own their career growth. Supported by professional development and coaching at all levels, our people are empowered to create professional success. At ZS, we know that passionate people are the best problem solvers, and our culture moves ZSers forward in their unique journey. 


ZS recently promoted 900+ ZSers in recognition of their contributions and accomplishments that champion our business, our people and our clients worldwide.  We take a sneak peek into their journeys – from the nervousness and excitement during the first few days of joining ZS to their celebrations of this important milestone. Meet colleagues from Princeton to Pune – see how they approach growth and what made their celebration special!

I joined ZS as an associate in the Princeton office, fresh out of undergrad. I was nervous to start a full-time job and yet, pleasantly surprised by people's willingness to welcome me, with everything from numerous coffee chats to lunch invites to a tour of the office to meet everyone. I truly appreciate the countless amazing ZSers I have had the opportunity to meet and work with in the past five years. I celebrated my promotion with a visit to the White Mountains with hiking, barbecuing, good food, beers and the ZS starting cohort friends dating back to September 2016 (Rebecca E., Anna S. & Harrison H.). 

-        Douglass L., consultant, Strategy Insights & Planning, New York

When I think about my first few days at ZS, I remember being overwhelmed by the scale of things ZS does. I had joined the team in May 2019 as a senior UX designer. Thanks to an incredibly supportive team, it turned out to be an easy journey. I thank Shannon B. and Happy S. for their guidance, mentorship and faith for making this happen. The promotion celebration was different than how I had imagined it would be - a long peaceful drive and a nice family dinner. It was perfect!  

-        Srishti G., lead, Software Development, Pune

I joined ZS's Value & Access (V&A) team in Philadelphia four years ago. Two years later, I moved to ZS's Tokyo office to help start the Japan V&A space. Recently, I joined the Singapore office to lead our Asia-Pacific regional V&A practice. Throughout these years, I was blessed to meet ZSers, who coached and mentored me, supported my personal and professional goals, and shared my love for fun and food along the way. I miss the amazing karaoke sessions, ZS soccer games in Philly, team dinners and happy hours, and workshops in Senegal, London, and Barcelona. I celebrated my promotion as I would if the whole team were around – with lots of good food! 

-        Aseem A., consultant, Strategy insights & Planning, Singapore

I joined ZS in 2018 as an associate. I was surprised, grateful and happy to be recruited by ZS. I remember feeling nervous yet elated during the first six months at ZS. My journey at ZS has been a rollercoaster ride. I want to thank Gautham P., my manager, for my success. I celebrated my promotion with a puja at home, followed by pizzas and KFC buckets with my family. I also sent out pizzas to my extended family outside of Delhi and we all partied over a video call. Over the weekend, I went out with my best friends for a wonderful Sunday brunch.  

-        Gargi G., associate consultant, Business Technology, New Delhi

My first day at ZS back in June 2019 was a mixed feeling of nervousness and excitement. I had joined the Learning team as an associate. I was eager to get to know people, yet struggling to remember all the names! But one month in, I felt like I had been at ZS for much longer – I felt so welcome and as part of a big family. Coaching, mentoring, and peer learning are so important for one's development, which I love about ZS's culture! There are multiple people I want to thank - especially Helen G, who left ZS recently. I appreciate her support in my integration and growth throughout my first year at ZS. The weekend after the promotion announcement, I managed to hop onto a flight to Madrid to visit my cousin. It felt weird but good at the same time to be flying after so long.  

-        Antonia M., senior associate, Human Resources, London

“Coaching, mentoring, and peer learning are so important for one's development, which I love about ZS's culture!”

Antonia M., senior associate, London.

I remember being overwhelmed at first when I had joined ZS back in 2015 as an associate. While I had expected things to be very formal, to my surprise, everyone was friendly and full of energy and enthusiasm. I thank my seniors for guiding me and helping me grow across all my roles at ZS. Outside of work, I would attribute my success to my family and my wife, who have been my constant support system. The big news of promotion came in from my manager, just a week after my wedding when my wife and I were in Kashmir for our honeymoon. The celebration was small and intimate, but with double the joy!  

-        Ankit G., consultant, Decision Analytics, New Delhi 

I celebrated my promotion by taking my family out for dinner. A few days later, some members of my team got together, and we partied over the weekend. Back in 2019, I didn't know how it would feel to transition from an intern to an associate consultant. Challenging projects, awesome team parties, cricket, foosball matches and more - ZS has always been a special place for me. It has been an exciting journey and I look forward to new experiences in the future.  

-        Bhavishye G., associate consultant, Business Technology, New Delhi 

When I joined ZS in 2016 as an associate, I was stepping out of the comfort of my home for the first time. Fortunately, at ZS, besides supportive managers and teammates, I found my family away from home. I met amazing people who helped me accomplish my professional goals and gave me challenging opportunities. My colleagues Ravi, Neville, Nishant, and I would work on client projects, coordinate our lunch timings, and step out together for after-office parties. After five years, we have moved on to different teams, offices, and countries. But we are just a phone call away to celebrate each other's successes. It feels weirdly surreal that we all got promoted together. Looking back on my time at ZS, I am proud of my contributions, but also grateful for the friendships that I have cultivated.  

-        Kalyani K., consultant, Business Operations, Pune

I celebrated my promotion with my birthday trip, starting from a Las Vegas music concert to detox hikes in Half Moon Bay! I still remember my onboarding days with fellow ZSers - learning about the Pharma industry, solving case study and networking with ZS leadership! I have special memories throughout my ZS journey, starting from the first connection with HR, the interview process, and later, working on cloud implementation projects. I want to give a shout-out to my manager, Lokesh J., for playing a pivotal role in my learning and growth at ZS while making work so much fun.

-        Ashim S., associate consultant, Business Technology, San Francisco

I joined ZS in January 2019 as an associate. I was a bit nervous in the first few days. I remember sitting in our team room to complete all the onboarding materials and training. I want to thank a few of my mentors - Mike K., Nate G., and my entire team for helping me succeed. We have a great squad! I happened to be on vacation in the US Virgin Islands with my girlfriend when I heard about the promotion. I got the call while sailing on a catamaran. 

-        William P., associate consultant, Strategy Insights & Planning, Princeton

My ZS journey from an intern to an associate consultant has been amazing. It was all about learning, accomplishments and moving forward. ZS has taught me a lot, be it skillset building, time management or teamwork. I share an extraordinary friendship bond with my colleagues and I will always cherish our memories of learning sessions, pantry breaks, parties and team outings. I am also grateful to my family for supporting me throughout this journey. I had a small promotion celebration at home with my parents, sister and my little niece. We cherished the moment and thanked God for keeping us healthy and with a positive spirit. I plan to provide essentials to 100 needy families and become an animal parent. 

-        Alvina P., associate consultant, Business Technology, Pune

On my first day at ZS, I received a warm welcome from my teammates at our New Delhi office. I have many special memories at ZS, including the time I presented to Chris Wright and Prabha Sinha, Diwali & holiday parties with the office team, my first travel to New York before my permanent transfer and joining Wharton for a ZS-sponsored executive MBA program. To celebrate my recent promotion, I watched a live Coldplay concert at Long Island City and raised a virtual toast with my family and my colleague Harshal. 

-        Souvik M., manager, Business Operations, New York


Congratulations to all recently promoted ZSers! Learn more about opportunities for growth at ZS by visiting careers at ZS.

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