ZS supports women by helping them build successful careers by enabling professional growth, fostering an inclusive working environment and supporting their individual choices through initiatives like Women@ZS. Alina Rizvi, a knowledge management manager at ZS in New Delhi, shares her journey, from achieving professional milestones to being a working mother and how ZS was a supportive presence along the way.


“I was looking for a community where I could find like-minded people and I found one with Women@ZS,” she says. “My passion has been evolving within ZS. I am thankful for the culture and sea of opportunities ZS has offered. In the early days of my career, I was passionate about secondary research work and the POVs we create for our stakeholders and clients, developing tools and resources for customer and patient journey work. Now, my work is related to process operations and has created an impact on ZS’s internal operations and practice area reporting. It makes me proud!”


In addition to finding her place at ZS, Alina is also a proud boomerang employee. “I spent two years at another firm, and I missed the culture of ZS, the sensitivity people had at the workplace around personal and professional challenges. After discussing it with the ZS team, I decided to come back to ZS. It has been five years now and I am thankful for the decision I made of being a boomerang.”

Since returning to ZS, Alina’s priorities have occasionally switched in both her professional and personal lives, but she never felt like she had to compromise at ZS. “I have never seen such well-thought policies and programs that support a woman as a professional, a leader, a mother and a caregiver,” she says. “The flexible working model gave me ample space to manage my work, look after my son and be a caregiver to my mother. Knowing that the firm is supportive of my working style gave me a lot of motivation to sign up for new work, follow my passion and work in new and diverse workstreams to grow professionally.”


Alina can only offer praise for the constant support she’s received throughout her journey. “ZS emphasizes a lot of self-growth and self-enrichment and it’s a blessing to see the firm always prioritize its people first! And Women@ZS provides resources and necessary support for women to grow in the roles they are playing and continue the support as their roles evolve."


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