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Building Community Through Pride@ZS

By Kailah Peters

June 15, 2022 | Article | 3-minute read

Building Community Through Pride@ZS

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Fostering a sense of belonging means cultivating a community of supportive peers. One way we do this at ZS is through inclusion and diversity groups like Pride@ZS. Inspired by the passion of our people, Pride@ZS is a network for LGBTQIA+ individuals and allies around the world dedicated to raising awareness, facilitating knowledge-sharing and relationship-building, increasing representation and enabling growth opportunities. To celebrate Pride Month this year, the group has organized events across our global offices. From LGBTQIA+ awareness workshops to panel discussions, June is filled with opportunities for ZSers to reflect, learn, empathize and celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community.


Pride wasn’t always a celebration—it began as a riot. This riot inspired grassroots movements around the world, and decades later it inspired Pride@ZS. To tell the story of ZS’s evolving diversity, equity and inclusion journey, we sat down with Allix Wilde, a strategy insights and planning consultant, and one of the early Pride@ZS members in our Philadelphia office.


“I came to ZS as an intern right after business school,” she said. “I was drawn to ZS because it combines my interests. I liked being able to focus on life sciences, the pace of consulting and the chance to work on multiple teams.” While Allix’s drive for her work has stayed the same, the ZS culture has grown and changed since she joined five years ago. From new offices to new ZSers and new clients, we’ve expanded a lot.


“When I first joined ZS, Pride@ZS was a much smaller group and there were only three of us in Philadelphia. There were not a lot of resources, and if we wanted something done, there was individual pressure to make it happen,” Allix said. Now, thanks to leadership, the group has grown and connected with other offices, expanding their impact and reach. 


“I was impressed by the response leadership had to our feedback when we shared that we needed additional support. ZS has outsourced events and trainings and offered more resources to Pride@ZS,” Allix said.  “Years ago, we ran a talk on how to be a good ally and then people were asking me ‘How do I raise my kid to be a good ally?’ At the time I thought, ‘I have no idea!’ Now, I no longer feel like we’re individually responsible for educating others at the company. As a result, we are able to build more community because those burdens have been shared across teams. That’s allowed us to create a space where people can come and just be themselves within Pride@ZS. ”

With a growing member base, Pride@ZS hosts events year-round. From training to networking to happy hours, Pride@ZS has created an engaging community. “Now, we have a lot of new team members who have joined in Philadelphia, including associates, associate consultants and new hires, and they are able to get advice from more senior people and connect with each other,” Allix said, before expanding on the importance of this community. “Being a part of the community building effort amongst Pride@ZS members has given me the chance to strengthen my connections with ZSers across different offices. That connection helps support my work at ZS.”


ZS is proud to foster a community centered on diversity, equity, and inclusion. To find your passion, explore our open roles.

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