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Campus Beats winners give a look at life at ZS

By Kailah Peters

March 8, 2022 | Article | 5-minute read

Campus Beats winners give a look at life at ZS

Every year, ZS offers students in India a unique inside look at life at ZS with Campus Beats. This annual university engagement program invites students to participate in live webinar sessions followed by an online case challenge. From business to technology, these unique case challenges allow students to showcase their skillset and potentially begin their careers with ZS.


To help participants understand how Campus Beats can prepare you for life at ZS, we interviewed last year’s Campus Beats winners. Keep reading for an inside look at Campus Beats stories and life at ZS.

“My time at ZS has been incredible and I assure you, it’s the best decision to start your career here.”

The Campus Beats challenge was a great learning experience. I got to talk with seniors at my college and current ZSers about working here and they all had positive things to say. The challenging part of the case study was working on the consulting, operations and technology sides of the problems all at once as one team. We got exposure early on about the work done across all capability groups at ZS. This helps me now see the bigger picture while working on projects. 


I did not imagine that after the challenge, I would get offered an interview and ultimately get the opportunity to work at ZS. I’m truly grateful to ZS’s recruiting team. I joined ZS last year as a decision analytics associate intern. The first three days of the onboarding highlighted ZS’s values, leaders and more. After onboarding, I felt like a part of the firm. I will be kicking off my first project soon as a ZSer. It is highly motivating to work on a major project early in my career and learn and grow along the way. I’m learning and growing each day as I face new challenges while working on various projects.

Campus Beats 2021 was one of the most memorable experiences. I’ve always been very keen on exploring career opportunities in business consulting. After my Campus Beats experience, it became clear that ZS was the perfect place for me, with its friendly and inclusive work environment. 


Focus and dedication are very crucial to exceling during Campus Beats. Every member of my team was committed to learning, giving their best to win the challenge. Campus Beats broadened my understanding of business problems and how a team works.


After Campus Beats, I was invited to interview and become a ZSer. My onboarding process has been great, from orientation to ZStart—the first learning and development program for new ZSers that gives an opportunity to connect with others. My team members have been extremely supportive and always ready to guide me. My experience so far has been incredible with endless opportunities for me to learn and grow.

Campus Beats went beyond my expectations. Those 48 hours were full of hustle and the urge to learn new things while solving the case studies. The team formation was flexible, so we could choose our members. Working with friends was strenuous yet fun. We divided our tasks and conducted several meetings. I remember in that time we were on Google Meet for more than 20 hours. I enjoyed every second of it! The hard work was completely worth it in the end. It was a proud moment for us when the team won the Campus Beats Challenge in 2021.


After that I was interviewed and hired as an intern. My journey at ZS has been nothing short of incredible. From the seamless onboarding process to working with the project teams, the entire journey has been great. All the credit goes to my colleagues who are not only helpful and collaborative, but also so much fun to work with! There are so many opportunities to learn and improve daily. ZS’s culture encourages and empowers women to grow and thrive by keeping the work environment transparent and inclusive.

I had always heard about ZS using cutting edge analytics and innovative methods for client solutions. I had also heard about the positive work environment, the energy and enthusiasm. I knew I wanted to work with an organization where I could grow fast by learning from my colleagues. ZS seemed to be the perfect mix of all that. 


I still remember: the case challenge was sent at midnight on my birthday, and I spent the next 24 hours (my entire birthday) brainstorming with my team, coming up with solutions, calculations, rejecting some hypotheses while accepting others, then finally putting it all on the slide while adhering to the rules. It was super strenuous yet exciting. While solving the case challenge, we pushed ourselves to think out of the box. It was a great learning experience and I enjoyed every bit of it.


Of course, winning Campus Beats and joining ZS as an intern is also a great memory. I joined the team that works on forecasting for pharmaceutical clients. I’ve loved working with these clients and my colleagues. Everyone goes out of their way to make me feel at home and help whenever needed. 


My word of advice would be to stay focused and continue to work on developing the skills that ZS is looking for. We live in a digital world, so all the information and interview guidance is just a few clicks away. Try not to compare yourself with others and understand that everyone has a unique journey. Each journey has its own set of successes and failures that makes you the person you are today. Just be yourself and help the interviewer understand how and why you’d be a good fit at ZS.


Visit Campus Beats to learn more about the webinar sessions and the upcoming ZS Case Challenge or reach out to your university placement office for more details specific to your university.

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