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ZS featured on Best Firms for Data Scientists in India

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May 6, 2021 | Article | 3-minute read

ZS featured on Best Firms for Data Scientists in India

ZS’s Capability and Expertise Center in India adds ranking among the “Top 50 Firms in India for Data Scientists to Work For” to its growing list of workplace recognition accolades. ZS ranked 8th in this third annual list published by Analytics India Magazine (AIM) and scored the second-highest for its mentorship program. The methodology of the overall recognition is based on the demonstrated ability to provide an exemplary environment for employees, people-centric policies and attributes, including retention, engagement and overall growth.


“ZS is proud to be named a top firm for data scientists. Our innovative artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) solutions are made possible by algorithms and technology, but most importantly, our people,” says Dr. Prakash, associate principal. “ZSers are highly passionate about data and analytics, as well as continued learning. To be recognized for our data science mentorship programs is a testament to our unique collaborative culture. I’m incredibly honored to be a part of this community and our commitment to innovation in AI.”

“ZS is proud to be named a top firm for data scientists.”

Associate Principal Dr. Prakash

Commitment to its people is a core tenet of ZS culture. In a rapidly evolving domain, ZS sets itself apart by providing professional development opportunities that empower ZSers to achieve success at all stages of their career. Among these, development and coaching programs engage new ZSers through dedicated one-to-one mentor partnerships during their first six months of employment, as well as continuous coaching support for skills training and upskilling.

Reena V. credits ZS’s learning and support initiatives to help her thrive. Reena joined ZS two and a half years ago, inspired by ZS’s culture, the interview process, direct discussions with ZS leaders and research about their achievements. As a data science consultant, she leads a team in delivering solutions to a range of clients in commercial, research and development, and medical technology industries. “What excites me most about my work is the culture of collaboration across teams and the multi-dimensional learning opportunities,” she says. “Every day, there's something new to challenge you, along with the dynamic nature of problems and great people.”


Reena believes the diverse roles she plays act as a springboard for her growth as a data scientist. “For associates, I wear the hat of a developer. For associate consultants, I wear the hat of a mentor. For managers, I communicate value from mathematics. For clients, I generate value by leveraging data as a story teller.”


In addition to five-time re-certification as a Great Place to Work, ZS has been consistently named among the top 100 companies for women by the Working Mother and Avtar Best Companies for Women in India (BCWI). This latest recognition also builds on ZS distinction in earning the “Exemplar of Inclusion” award in the second edition of Working Mother and Avtar Most Inclusive Companies Index.


With top-notch expertise and a top-ranking workplace culture, ZS tops the data science charts. In a competitive landscape where challenges keep changing as data keeps flowing, talented, enthusiastic data-savvy ZSers continue to keep their skills sharp and their tool kits state-of-the-art as they create solutions that drive meaningful impact. 

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