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Pride@ZS empowers manager Adam to be his whole self at ZS

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July 1, 2018 | Article | 2-minute read

Pride@ZS empowers manager Adam to be his whole self at ZS

Over the nine years I’ve been at ZS, my work has been focused in the healthcare market research and marketing space. While my client focus has shifted a bit over time, I’ve maintained an affinity for quantitative work in the pipeline space, helping clients identify the opportunity for novel drugs and think about how best to capture that opportunity through brand positioning, messaging strategy and marketing execution. 


In addition to the work I do and the expertise I’ve developed, I also place an equal amount of value on the people I work with at ZS. With 22 offices on four continents, we’re a diverse group of individuals by nature. Over my time here, I’ve found that we do an amazing job of not only learning about each other, but celebrating what makes us unique. We truly appreciate that our differences make us stronger collectively.

Our inclusive LGBTQ community—Pride@ZS—is one of the groups that adds to our firm’s collective diversity, and it’s one I’m happy to be part of. I’ve always described myself as “selectively out” at work. While being gay is a part of my identity, it doesn’t define me. I view it as one of many components that make me unique, like my upbringing, my values, my hobbies and my religion. While I’ve always been comfortable telling my ZS friends and teams about it, I’ve been a bit more reserved with other ZSers, making sure that they get to know me, as a person, first. One of the reasons I’ve decided to share my story is because of the positive experiences I’ve had and the many friendships I’ve formed through coming out to my coworkers. It’s been a critical part of shaping my ZS experience. I want to do whatever I can to make new ZSers feel comfortable being who they are at work, without feeling like they should have to hide a part of themselves. That’s one reason I’m engaged in Pride@ZS.


Pride@ZS is such an important community because it’s a built-in support system. It’s also a great network of people to connect with from offices around the globe, so I always have friends when I travel to other ZS offices! I find that the ZS community at large is extremely supportive of the LGBTQ community. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve met anyone at ZS whom I wouldn’t consider an ally, and many of those allies are also active in Pride@ZS.


Outside of ZS, I lead a simple life. My family is in the New York area, so I’m up there often. I love to cook—both new dishes and old favorites—and I enjoy traveling, both domestically and internationally. Seeing new places and experiencing unique cultures (mostly through the food) is fascinating to me.


Adam is a manager in ZS’s Philadelphia office focused primarily in the healthcare market research space with a focus in respiratory and oncology.


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