ZS jumpstarts careers for students around the world

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March 13, 2024 | Article | 5-minute read

ZS jumpstarts careers for students around the world

The collective expertise and unique perspectives of ZSers shape how we innovate transformative solutions in and beyond healthcare. ZS’s global internship programs help undergraduate, MBA, master’s and doctoral students work with high-profile clients and learn valuable skills through their career development. Participants work side by side with ZSers—experiencing our dynamic culture of collaboration and opportunities for personal growth—as they create life-changing opportunities for patients, healthcare professionals, caregivers and consumers around the world. Following degree completion, interns are considered for full-time positions. Read on to learn more.

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Students from top engineering schools in India are immersed in global consulting work through ZS’s Campus Beats program. Alumni ambassadors, who are current ZSers, lead the students from their respective alma maters in initiatives that help them learn what it’s like to work at ZS. Interactive webinars showcase logical thinking, analytical reasoning, best practices and collaborative and problem-solving skills while students learn about the roles offered and the interview process at ZS. A nationwide case challenge in March allows participant teams to test their skills and interview with ZS for a preplacement offer. The top teams are also invited to present their work to ZS leadership.

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North America

Our partnership with the Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF) in North America empowers students attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) to master skills needed for their ideal career through participation in ZS SEED, our immersive competitive acceleration program. Participants in this program can get a head start in their careers with ZS by delivering real-world solutions alongside ZSers, exploring a career in consulting and professional services, receiving mentorship and coaching, networking with experienced professionals and potentially securing employment after graduation.

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ZS also hosts in-person and online events as part of the Boston Career Forum, one of the largest platforms for international talent. This event gives collaborative, ambitious students the chance to network and interview with ZSers who are experts in analytics, science and data. From this event, we are able to recruit Japanese students studying abroad in Boston.

In addition to these opportunities, ZS hosts an annual summer internship program for students across North America. This 11-week program gives students realistic professional experience working directly with ZS teams on client projects, skill building and networking. Interns are also invited to participate in Discover ZS Day to get a closer look at the summer program and life at ZS. Through virtual regional sessions, participants can chat with former interns and current ZSers, attend career panels or join other interactive opportunities.

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The Caribbean

Many ZSers have become part of our talent community by participating in the D’Abadie internship program within Trinidad’s consulting practices. Though this is not an annual internship program, when in session it offers students an opportunity to collaborate with visionary leaders and advocates of innovative thinking. Through our Kingston Internship Program, Jamaican students from Universities across the island can start their professional journey with hands-on experience working with top-tier clients around the world. Students may start as interns, but there is always an opportunity to become full-time employees based on their performance.


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ZS conducts a series of events across Europe, including those open to specific universities, diversity initiatives and networking opportunities. These events help students gain a deeper understanding of ZS and the consulting industry at large, prepare for job applications and gain hands-on experience working on practice case challenges.

Our informal “No Slides, Just Vibes” networking experience brings innovative thinkers together in a relaxed environment to expand interactions with ZSers beyond slide deck presentations. Full-day and evening case-cracking workshops provide a fun option for developing the familiarity and skills essential for passing case interviews. This first-hand experience with ZS experts boosts the probability of securing a coveted position for a dream career. Additionally, our Women in Consulting dinners are held in various locations across Europe to bring ambitious students and thinkers together.

For further experience working with top-tier clients, ZS hosts an annual summer internship program for European students. Our 10-week summer internship program gives students realistic professional experience working directly with ZS teams on client projects, skill building and networking. In 2024, ZS will launch a new, two-day virtual insights experience program called Spring Break. The event will be a mix of interactive sessions, discussions, mock projects and opportunities for prospective interns to network with like-minded people and employees at ZS, helping support a fast track to a summer internship and fulfilling career.

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East Asia

ZS’s offices in Japan, China and Singapore welcome students from local and global universities to apply for our 10-12 week summer internship program. Additionally, our Japan offices offer a two-day summer internship program where students in the region gain hands-on experience with ZS culture and consulting through interactive knowledge sharing sessions, one-on-one mentorship with ZSers and case challenges with top-tier clients. Every intern is evaluated for full-time employment after the summer internship.

ZS also recruits students in the region studying abroad through the Boston Career Forum. As one of the largest platforms for Bilingual Japanese-English talent globally, this event allows ZS to host online and in-person networking sessions to recruit ambitious students who are ready to build their skills with experts in analytics, science and data.

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ZS hosts multiple informative and educational sessions for students virtually at local schools and in ZS offices. These sessions are designed to provide a sneak peek into ZS’s approach of solving case studies, helping future ZSers find a fulfilling career in consulting.

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